World Mental Health Day 10-10-20

The Emotional Balloons Metaphor…

How many emotional balloons are you currently holding?

Over at the TLC Hub I have been working very closely with some of my clients and their mixed balloons of emotions metaphor. Do you resonate with any of these?

My Emotional Balloons...

I'm holding tight because they are mine,
It’s what I do to keep myself fine,
It’s the only word that I ever say,
When people ask me how I’m feeling today.

Am I fine? Am I? Though really?
It’s what is expected, be positive! be cheery!
But if I could name all the emotions I really feel,
Then would it make me more congruent, more real?

So here we go let me hold on tight,
To allow my balloons to float into sight,
Sometimes what I really want to say,
Is actually, I’m not really feeling that great today!

I’m feeling scared, anxious, sad, and worried,
I’m feeling angry, empty, Lost, and hurried,
I’m feeling tired, confused, not quite tip-top
My already deflated balloons are ready to pop.

I’m feeling afraid, belittled, weary, small,
I’m feeling lack-lustre about to fall,
I’m feeling timid, fed up, overwhelmed, shaking
I feel my balloons are at the point of breaking.

I’m feeling low, and unenthusiastically berated,
I’m feeling stressed, insecure, totally frustrated.
I’m feeling unimportant, unheard, with dread
I’m holding my balloons by the merest of thread.

I’m feeling so many different things today,
A cacophony of balloons with no sound,… but hey,
The emotions make all the noises they choose,
I’m the dealer with the greatest hand to lose!

My emotions are at the core of my being,
They are all consuming they are all unseeing,
So next time you ask me how I feel,
Just pause for a sec… and think of my emotional deal.

Try to look beyond to what I actually say,
By noticing the emotional balloons stuck in my way,
I’m hoping now that you really do see,
This wall of complex emotions that make up me!!

TLC HUB 2020