Choosing The TLC Hub’s Crystals & Stones wisely…

We our loving our new additional to the TLC Hub’s treasures this stunning piece of labradorite with a rare rainbow flex.

We love buying rare gems for the TLC Hub, and today 08/02/20 we discovered this beauty in Ilfracombe North Devon. We didn’t notice the rainbow fleck until it was being photographed which makes it extra special.

What’s so special about Labradorite then?

Labradorite is a popular decorative stone because of its labradorescence, which creates a dazzling optical phenomenon of a blue green to deep blue sheen that shimmers in the light. Other varieties, including rare specimens, offer a stunning rainbow of green, violet, or orange shimmer called spectrolite. Thanks to the parallel formation of mineral intergrowths within its structure, these lights bounce back-and-forth, which creates its distinctive shimmery, ethereal effect. the Labradorite stone is a special crystal to keep close by because it reminds you of the natural beauty of the cosmos.

Discovered in the 18th century, the Labradorite meaning refers to the region of Labrador in Canada where the stone was first mined. Geologists were immediately enthralled by its shimmering iridescence and deep blue-green shades. But long before this discovery, the native peoples believed that the Labradorite crystal stone meaning was connected to the Aurora Borealis and its spectacular flashes of light, the most spectacular sight on earth. Labradorite reminds us to go outside, look up the stars.

With its pearly sheen of iridescent blues and greens, the colour of water, Labradorite harnesses the life-giving elements of the planet and opens up the mind to multiple levels of consciousness that goes beyond everyday reality and our outdated belief systems. Labradorite crystal healing properties are linked with the third eye chakra, the energy field that ignites spiritual expansion and higher levels of the mind and spirit. If you’re looking to expand your mind and increase your spiritual growth this is your stone.

Healing Properties

♥ Transformation ♥ Promotes psychic abilities ♥ Helps with anxiety, stress strengthens our will ♥ Stimulates imagination ♥ Calming

A stone of transformation, Labradorite is a useful companion through change, imparting strength and perseverance.  It balances and protects the aura, raises consciousness and grounds spiritual energies. Really what is there not to love about this beautiful mystical stone!!

Wow indeed over the Christmas and New Year Period the TLC Hub took 9 new enquiries from new clients. This now puts our Hub total up to 23! We are attracting clients from different towns and the age group ranged from 20-71. It really has never been a better time to reach out and talk to someone. Someone is always listening!

02-10-19 We are delighted to upload these very colourful pictures. This beautiful elephant was very thoughtfully chosen for us and has travelled all the way from sunny Tanzania. She now hangs beautifully in pride of place and arrived safely to brighten all of our days .

Over at the TLC Counselling Hub we are feeling a tad excited today as our listing on the counselling directory website has just been launched. If you have time head over to the link below your feedback is always very welcome. Thanks in advance.

We have been seeing clients now for 1 month!

The TLC Counselling Hub Doors have now been open a month!

1st August 2019 The TLC Counselling Hub goes live…

So we got to spend a few hours over at the bright colourful Andover Radio Station. Ben Tuffin did the interview and we look forward to working with you again in the future.

A big thank you to Elliot from the Andover Advertiser

Over at the TLC Counselling Hub we would like to say a massive thank you to Elliot Binks from the Andover Advertiser for coming to visit us at the TLC Hub a few weeks ago, and also for his very sizeable write up in the community paper. We have already taken a few web and e-mail enquiries following the publication

A very sizeable write up indeed!

3….2….1.… Lift off whoosh the TLC Counselling Hub launches today…..

No time like the present….
A warm welcome awaits you…