Tipping Point

How Far do you tip??

We all get there to the tipping point

but it’s how far we let our minds go

It can happen in a super speedy moment

or overtime and generally very slow.

We can all get pushed and pulled

until we are broken beyond all doubt

but it’s what we do and how far we go

And how loud we are prepared to scream and shout.

Some people suffer in silence

so you never know their truth

others demonstrate unreasonably unkind behaviour

 and their destruction is their proof.

The fragility of the human mind

can snap in an instant for sure

Who are we to judge what each one suffers

unless it’s knocking at our very own door.

some people seek help and get better

some people seek no help for sure

in order for your mind to be free and at peace

Inwardly it’s always better to settle the score.

I am no expert in mental health

but I do know certain distractions

if you want to have a healthy mindset

you need to be prepared to put in certain self-help actions.

We all have darkness and terribly bad days

but tomorrow is always a new start

If only you could see the brilliance of you

it would hopefully mend your lost heart.

As humans it’s really very simple

we just need to love and be loved

there are no magical cures or potions

or even guidance from whatever’s above.

Next time you’re feeling dark and alone

with nothing else to ponder on or see

tell yourself this very simple sentence

I have time, I have now, so let me help me.


Your True Authentic Self

Be the best version of you!

Russian Dolls Inside out…

It’s like peeling back the layers.

Revealing of the inner self.

Do we want to be on display

Or remain as one on the shelf.

It’s like stripping to the core,

Of the person we’d like to be,

Do we stay where we’re tolerated,

Or do we cut the strings and break free.

No matter how we are moulded,

There is one thing you can’t hide.

That although we are together,

We are all unique Inside.

So as you uncover each layer,

There really is no doubt,

That whilst it’s good to feel protected.

It’s even better to stand out.

Find your courage in your conviction,

Stand proud and be true,

And always strive to be

The best person inside of you..